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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Newswise top research articles for this week

Today I would like to provoke your curiosity with this week’s top articles related to the environment as we look forward to Earth Day on April 22nd.

Today’s top story is from the Department of Energy,  Office of Science about predicting hurricanes. The DOE’s E3SM or the Energy Exascale Earth System Model simulates,models, and predicts climate trends.
It has been described as “the first end-to-end multi-scale Earth system model.” Recent research shows how the E3SM high resolution simulations significantly improve the ability to predict hurricanes. I can imagine the potential benefits that these predictions can have and therefore how important the E3SM capabilities are.

The second article today is about whether we should use technology to stop global warming.
Stratospheric aerosol intervention or SAI is a way to deliberately alter the climate to cool the earth. It involves injecting reflective sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere. This aims to reflect some sunlight from the earth in order to cool temperatures on earth. This would be similar to what happens after a volcanic eruption.
But what are the consequences of doing this? Researchers from Stony Brook University and Michigan State University published a paper about the need to understand the effects of SAI. The researchers want to look at the risks involved in doing this, such as risks for extinction of species and other possible risks.

You can check out our video of last week’s best articles on Newswise here.

I hope these articles provoke conversation. I am Jessica Johnson from Newswise.  Have a great day!

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