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The Brain's Wiring Technicians

Research in mice reveals how a subset of highly specialized immune cells modulate brain wiring by precision-targeting inhibitory synapses. The work deepens understanding of the versatile repertoire of microglia, the brain’s immune cells and...
1-Jul-2021 3:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Predicting Tooth Loss

New research led by investigators at Harvard School of Dental Medicine suggests that machine learning tools can help identify those at greatest risk for tooth loss and refer them for further dental assessment in an effort to ensure early...
23-Jun-2021 6:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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New Analysis reveals link between birthdays and COVID-19 spread during the height of the pandemic

Risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection increased 30 percent for households with a recent birthday in counties with high rates of COVID-19 Findings suggest informal social gatherings such as birthday parties played role in infection spread at the height of...
17-Jun-2021 12:10 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Gut Check

At a glance: Researchers identify links between genetic makeup of bacteria in human gut and several human diseases Clusters of bacterial genes present in conditions including cardiovascular illness, inflammatory bowel disease, liver cirrhosis,...
17-May-2021 5:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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2021 Warren Alpert Prize Awarded to Two Scientists for RNA Discoveries

The 2021 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize has been awarded to scientists Lynne Maquat and Joan Steitz for seminal discoveries in the biology and function of RNA, the workhorse molecule of cells. Their discoveries have reshaped the understanding of...
3-May-2021 4:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Three Researchers Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Three Harvard Medical School researchers recognized for distinguished achievements in research
27-Apr-2021 9:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Hunger Cues

Research by investigators at Harvard Medical School illuminates the neurobiology that underlies food attraction and how hungry mice choose to pay attention to one object in their environment over another.
22-Apr-2021 8:35 AM EDT Add to Favorites

No Cancer Left Behind

A $15 million gift to Harvard Medical School from the Bertarelli Foundation is boosting efforts to understand and combat rare cancers. Nine teams across the school and its affiliated hospitals describe their efforts to illuminate understudied...
6-Apr-2021 10:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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