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Researchers capture the coordinated dance between electrons and nuclei in a light-excited molecule

Using SLAC's high-speed “electron camera," scientists simultaneously captured the movements of electrons and nuclei in a light-excited molecule. This marks the first time this has been done with ultrafast electron diffraction, which scatters a...
21-May-2020 2:40 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Untangling a key step in photosynthetic oxygen production

Researchers zeroed in on a key step in photosynthesis in which a water molecule moves in to bridge manganese and calcium atoms in the catalytic complex that splits water to produce breathable oxygen. What they learned brings them one step closer to...
20-May-2020 3:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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To decipher Earth’s evolutionary tale, researchers probe materials at deep-Earth conditions

Scientists have developed a way to study liquid silicates at the extreme conditions found in the core-mantle boundary. This could lead to a better understanding of the Earth’s early molten days, which could even extend to other rocky planets.
18-May-2020 1:35 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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In a step forward for orbitronics, scientists break the link between a quantum material's spin and orbital states

Until now, electron spins and orbitals were thought to go hand in hand in a class of materials that’s the cornerstone of modern information technology; you couldn’t quickly change one without changing the other. This study raises the possibility...
15-May-2020 1:10 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Computer vision helps SLAC scientists study lithium ion batteries

New machine learning methods bring insights into how lithium ion batteries degrade, and show it’s more complicated than many thought.
6-May-2020 4:10 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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First direct look at how light excites electrons to kick off a chemical reaction

The first step in many light-driven chemical reactions, like the ones that power photosynthesis and human vision, is a shift in the arrangement of a molecule’s electrons as they absorb the light’s energy. Now scientists have directly observed...
1-May-2020 11:55 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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A New Machine Learning Method Streamlines Particle Accelerator Operations

SLAC researchers have developed a new tool, using machine learning, that may make part of the accelerator tuning process five times faster compared to previous methods.
29-Apr-2020 1:45 PM EDT Add to Favorites

SLAC joins the global fight against COVID-19

The lab is responding to the coronavirus crisis by imaging disease-related biomolecules, developing standards for reliable coronavirus testing and enabling other essential research.
17-Apr-2020 8:15 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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A day in the life of an X-ray laser coach

SLAC scientist Siqi Li works on new methods to allow researchers using LCLS, our X-ray laser, to observe the motion of electrons or do high-resolution imaging. When she’s not working to create more efficient and advanced X-ray lasers, Li likes to...
29-Jan-2020 6:25 PM EST

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Q&A: SLAC Theorist Lance Dixon Explains Quantum Gravity

In this Q&A, Particle Physics and Astrophysics Professor Lance Dixon of Stanford University and the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory explains one approach to developing such a theory, called quantum gravity.
18-Nov-2015 12:05 PM EST

SLAC Researchers to Present at AAAS 2015

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory researchers will share the latest discoveries and innovations in a wide range of fields at this year’s AAAS Annual Meeting (Feb. 12-16 in San Jose, Calif.), including X-ray lasers, quantum materials, citizen...
10-Feb-2015 6:40 PM EST

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