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Researchers discover sex-specific differences in neural mechanisms for glucose regulation

Researchers from Tufts have discovered neural mechanisms in mice specific to females that switch estrogen from playing a protective role in glucose metabolism to a disruptive role. The discovery could provide clues to the increased risk of insulin...
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Sweat science: engineers detect health markers in thread-based, wearable sweat sensors

Engineers at Tufts University have created a first-of-its-kind, flexible electronic sensing patch that can be sewn into clothing to analyze sweat for multiple markers. The patch could be used to to diagnose and monitor acute and chronic health...
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Novel drug delivery particles use neurotransmitters as a ‘passport’ into the brain

Drug-carrying lipid nanoparticles were created that incorporate neurotransmitters to help them cross the blood-brain barrier in mice. The innovation could overcome many limitations encountered in delivering drugs into the central nervous system.
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New cell profiling method could speed TB drug discovery

A new cell profiling technology combines high throughput imaging and machine learning to provide a rapid, cost-effective way to determine how specific compounds act to destroy the bacterium that causes tuberculosis. It could speed discovery of...
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Call to action for stronger, better-funded federal nutrition research

A paper from research, policy, and government experts provides a compelling vision to strengthen existing federal nutrition research and improve cross-governmental coordination in order to accelerate discoveries and improve public health, food...
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Tufts awards seed funding for work in prevention and treatment of opioid addiction

Tufts awards seed funding to 8 projects that seek to address the complex individual & community challenges wrought by the opioid epidemic. The inaugural awards of the Tufts Initiative on Substance Use and Addiction demonstrate a multidisciplinary...
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AMIGOS and Tufts University launch virtual gap semester

Amigos de las Américas (AMIGOS) and Tufts University's Tisch College of Civic Life are proud to announce a new virtual gap experience for high school graduates: the Civic Action Gap Semester.
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Two-thirds of African Americans know someone mistreated by police, and 22% report mistreatment in past year

Sixty-eight percent of African Americans say they know someone who has been unfairly stopped, searched, questioned, physically threatened or abused by the police, and 43 percent say they personally have had this experience—with 22 percent saying...
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