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Those funky cheese smells allow microbes to “talk” to and feed each other

Researchers found that bacteria essential to ripening cheese can sense and respond to compounds produced by fungi in the rind and released into the air, enhancing the growth of some species of bacteria over others. The make-up of the cheese...
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Tufts University to lead $100M program to reduce risk of zoonotic viral spillover, spread

Tufts University will lead a $100 million, five-year program to understand and address threats posed by zoonotic viral diseases that can “spill over” from animals to humans, such as SARS-CoV-2, in an effort to reduce risk of infection,...
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2020 $100k Jean Mayer Prize from Tufts Nutrition awarded for tackling COVID-19 food crisis

The Friedman School at Tufts awards the 2020 $100k Jean Mayer Prize in Nutrition Science & Policy to HEAL Food Alliance, the James Beard Foundation, and World Central Kitchen for their work during COVID-19 to support food equity and nutrition for...
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Tufts center for antimicrobial resistance renamed for Stuart B. Levy

The Center for Integrated Management of Antimicrobial Resistance, a collaborative effort supported by Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center, has been renamed the Stuart B. Levy Center for Integrated Management of Antimicrobial Resistance, to...
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Some but not all U.S. metro areas could grow all needed food locally, estimates study

How local could food be in the U.S.? A modeling study estimates the distance within which metro centers could meet food needs if they tried to feed themselves locally. Some—but not all—could rely on nearby agricultural land, and dietary changes...
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BrainGate Inc., owner of brain-computer interface technologies, donated to Tufts University

Tufts University, together with alumnus Jeff Stibel and his partners, today announced the donation of BrainGate, Inc. (“BrainGate”) and its patented technology to the university. BrainGate is a transformative neurotechnology that uses...
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Warning witnesses of the possibility of misinformation helps protect their memory accuracy

Warning about the threat of misinformation—before or after an event—significantly reduces the negative impact of misinformation on memory, according to research at Tufts University. The findings could have important implications for improving...
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Confused by whole grain labels on food packaging? Study finds you’re not alone.

Whole grain labels are confusing to consumers, according to a new study that found many made the wrong choice when asked to pick the healthier option based on product labels. The researchers, from Tufts University and NYU, say the results provide...
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