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Healthy skepticism: People may be wary of health articles on crowdsourced sites

People may be skeptical about medical and health articles they encounter on crowdsourced websites, such as Wikipedia and Wikihealth, according to researchers. While that may be good news for health officials who are worried that these sites allow...
15-Oct-2020 11:30 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Keeps an Eye on Volcano Movements

Penn State researchers have used artificial intelligence (AI) to clear up that noise, drastically facilitating and improving near real-time observation of volcanic movements and the detection of volcanic activity and unrest.
14-Oct-2020 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Self-powered biosensors may open up new paths to medical tracking, treatments

Wearable and implantable devices are currently used for a variety of functions, including health tracking and monitoring. However, supplying energy usually requires cumbersome batteries and downtime due to recharging. Now, an international team of...
11-Sep-2020 11:25 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Virtual symposium experts offer insights on big data issues, opportunities

Registration is now open for Penn State’s Institute of Computational and Data Sciences’ (ICDS) 2020 Symposium. The two-day symposium will be held virtually Oct. 21-22 and will feature an interdisciplinary group of speakers and experts who will...
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Algorithm aims to alert consumers before they use illicit online pharmacies

In a study, a team of Penn State researchers report that an algorithm they developed may be able to spot illicit online pharmacies that could be providing customers with substandard medications without their knowledge, among other potential problems.
27-Aug-2020 4:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Molecular stress indicator not observed in survivors of child sexual abuse

Researchers and medical experts have long known that child sexual abuse has profoundly negative effects on the health of survivors; however, an international team of researchers was not able to find a link between the abuse and telomere length,...
18-Aug-2020 12:25 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Application of machine learning can optimize hurricane track forecast

When a hurricane approaches, providing a few extra hours’ notice can be the difference between life and death. Now, Penn State researchers report that applying a machine learning technique to a group of possible storm paths could help...
5-Aug-2020 11:30 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Climate change-influenced refugee crisis may lead to long-term settlement issues

While many models suggest that climate change will prompt a substantial number of people to leave their homes, not all research so clearly finds this is the case. Investigating cases where computer models seemed to indicate only limited impacts of...
30-Jul-2020 12:40 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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