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A Watershed Study for Wetland Restoration

Amy Borde and coauthors at PNNL’s Marine and Coastal Research Laboratory developed a new predictive modeling tool for estuarine–tidal river research and management. A decade in the making, the innovative framework provides a means for...
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Brian O’Neill Named New Director for the Joint Global Change Research Institute

O'Neill to lead organization that advances scientific understanding of the ways in which human, energy and environmental systems interact, and has provided input to the White House, Congress, United Nations and other national and international...
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Network Resilience is Key to Surviving Compound Hazard Events, Scientists Say

As extreme weather and other events increase in frequency and intensity, cybercriminals ramp up attacks on technologies that tie together urban infrastructure systems, networks critical to the flow of data, people, goods, and services must be made...
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PNNL, UW Broaden Capacity to Test for COVID-19

Researchers from PNNL and UW analyzed kits that could be used as a critical part of a laboratory test used to detect COVID-19 in a sample from an infected person. As a result, two additional kits have been listed as options that labs can consider...
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Not Your Average Refinery

PNNL researchers outline how to convert stranded biomass to sustainable fuel using electrochemical reduction reactions in mini-refineries powered by renewable energy.
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Supercooled Water Is a Stable Liquid, Scientists Show for the First Time

First-ever measurements provide evidence that supercooled liquid water exists in two distinct structures that co-exist and vary in proportion dependent on temperature
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VOLTTRON™ Goes to School

The PNNL-developed VOLTTRON™ software platform’s advancement has benefited from a community-driven approach. The technology has been used in buildings nationwide, including most recently on a university campus.
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Tracking a Pandemic -- through Words

Data-mining software developed at PNNL is helping analysts keep tabs on developments related to COVID-19. The technology automates the process of combing through tens of thousands of articles each day to provide relevant information about active and...
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