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Enhancing the way epilepsy is managed by engaging community pharmacists

The University of Washington’s School of Pharmacy announced on Thursday, Sept. 12, a collaboration with global biopharmaceutical company UCB to improve access to care for people living with epilepsy. This interdisciplinary project will explore...
12-Sep-2019 6:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Lightning 'Superbolts' Form Over Oceans From November to February

A study of superbolts, which release a thousand times more electrical energy in the low-frequency range than regular lightning bolts, finds they occur at very different times and places than regular lightning. Superbolts tend to strike over...
10-Sep-2019 3:20 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Tides don't always flush water out to sea, study shows

In Willapa Bay in Washington state, scientists have discovered that water washing over tidal flats during high tides is largely the same water that washed over them during the previous high tide.
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Breakthrough Foundation honors UW researcher studying ‘exotic’ states of matter

Lukasz Fidkowski, an assistant professor of physics at the University of Washington, is one of the winners of a 2020 New Horizons in Physics Prize from the Breakthrough Foundation "for incisive contributions to the understanding of topological...
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New study tracks sulfur-based metabolism in the open ocean

A recent study of how photosynthetic microbes and ocean bacteria use sulfur, a plentiful marine nutrient, finds similarities with soil ecosystems.
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Study shows exposure to multiple languages may make it easier to learn one

A new study from the University of Washington finds that, based on brain activity, people who live in communities where multiple languages are spoken can identify words in yet another language better than those who live in a monolingual environment.
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University of Washington units share three-year NSF grant to make 'internet of things' more secure

Several University of Washington schools and offices will team up to research how organizational practices can affect the interagency collaboration needed to keep the "internet of things" — and institutional systems — safe and secure.
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Crowdsourced archaeology shows how humans have influenced Earth for thousands of years

A new map synthesized from more than 250 archaeologists worldwide, including from the University of Washington, argues that the human imprint on our planet's soil goes back much earlier than the nuclear age.
27-Aug-2019 2:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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