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New US & Japan Partnership Will Make the World’s Most Powerful Telescope Even More Sensitive

The National Science Foundation’s National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) are joining efforts to expand the capabilities of the world’s most powerful millimeter/ submillimeter...
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A Molecule, a Telescope, and Everything: A History of ALMA and Millimeter Astronomy

This blog post celebrates highlights from the brilliant career of astronomer Paul Vanden Bout, who recently received the Karl G. Jansky Lectureship from NRAO. Vanden Bout's vision for millimeter-wavelength astronomy led to the creation of several...
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The Baseline #17: Gravitational Lensing: Focusing On The Cosmos

Gravity can focus light like a lens, allowing astronomers to see distant galaxies and explore dark matter. Join our host Summer Ash of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory as she talks about how astronomers use gravitational lensing to study the...
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How Radio Astronomy Sees Magnetic Fields

Many objects in the Universe have magnetic fields. Planets such as Earth and Jupiter, the Sun and other stars, even galaxies billions of light years away.
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VLBA Marks 30 Years Pushing the Bounds of Science

On August 20, 2023, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) marked 30 years since the National Science Foundation’s Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) had its inauguration ceremony in the high desert of New Mexico. In the three decades since,...
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VLA Finds Megastorms on Saturn Disrupt Gas Giant’s Deep Atmosphere in Surprising Ways

A study of rare megastorms on Saturn using data from the National Science Foundation’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array has revealed disruptions in the distribution of ammonia gas in the planet’s deep atmosphere. The findings raise questions...
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St. Croix: Radio Astronomy in the Caribbean

Although the location of St. Croix is perfect for a VLBA antenna, the island poses significant challenges for using and maintaining a radio antenna. The St. Croix dish is located on the eastern side of the island, almost at sea level. So it is...
28-Jul-2023 9:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Baseline 16—Fast Radio Bursts: Bursting with Mysteries

Fast radio bursts are powerful flashes of light that shine for only milliseconds. Join our host Summer Ash of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory as she talks about how astronomers study these mysterious bursts, and what might be causing them.
3-Jul-2023 8:50 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Radio astronomy has profoundly changed and enlarged our understanding of our Universe, enabling new discoveries, opening new celestial windows, revealing an otherwise invisible Universe.


Jill Malusky
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A Molecule, a Telescope, and Everything: A History of ALMA and Millimeter Astronomy

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a simple molecule, just one carbon atom closely bound to one oxygen. Neither of the...
01 Nov 2023

St. Croix: Radio Astronomy in the Caribbean

When the morning sun rises over the lands of the United States, it rises first over St. Croix. Located......
28 Jul 2023

Cooking With Gas

When a star begins to form, the heat and pressure generated during the initial collapse of a protostar can....
09 Jun 2023

Beaming With Knowledge

Astrophysical masers are microwave lasers that occur naturally in space. They are found in regions of gas t...
07 Jun 2023

A Research JOURNEY

The Jets and OUtflows Revealing the Nature and Evolutions of massive YSOs (JOURNEY) Project aims to better ...
07 Jun 2023

Small Wavelengths and Big Stars

The birth of a star begins with the collapse of cold molecular gas under its gravitational weight. But once...
06 Jun 2023

A Tip for Radio Astronomers

Our atmosphere is fairly transparent to a range of radio frequencies, but not perfectly transparent. Astron...
06 Jun 2023

Under the Stars: Astrophotography at the Very Large Array

2,712 miles, 3 covid vaccines, 1000 forms, 4 Trader Joes stops later and I have photographed the Karl G.......
30 Mar 2023

Radio Astronomy Tells a Cloudy Tale

Galaxies are often surrounded by a halo of hydrogen gas. Over time a galaxy can lose this halo, which......
12 Jan 2023

A True View of Infant Star Clusters

Super Star Clusters (SSCs) are dense clusters of bright young stars. As they evolve their intense radiation...
12 Jan 2023



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