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Warwick Moto superbike designs unveiled

As the government has announced proposals to ban the sale of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars by 2035 the race to electrify the motor industry is on, and motorbikes aren’t to be overlooked.
3-Jul-2020 8:55 AM EDT Add to Favorites

An ethical eye on AI - new mathematical idea reins in AI bias towards making unethical and costly commercial choices

Researchers from the University of Warwick, Imperial College London, EPFL (Lausanne) and Sciteb Ltd have found a mathematical means of helping regulators and business manage and police Artificial Intelligence systems’ biases towards making...
29-Jun-2020 9:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Intelligence (IQ) throughout childhood to adulthood is impacted if born small for gestational age

People born small for gestational age (SGA) have a lower IQ throughout development from infancy to adulthood
15-Jun-2020 8:55 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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How Dashcams help and hinder forensics

Dashcams are vital for helping police investigate car incidents, however the way the footage is submitted to police, managed and processed can cause problems. A researcher at WMG, University of Warwick has assessed seven different types of...
11-Jun-2020 9:55 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Appetite Can Be Increased by Cells in the Brain

Tanycytes are glial cells, which communicate with neurons in the brain to inform it of what we have eaten. Researchers from the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick have found when tanycytes are selectively stimulated appetite was...
8-Jun-2020 9:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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New Study Provides Insights Into How Retailers Have Responded to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the retail sector, a new study by WMG, University of Warwick, and Blue Yonder has examined how retailers have responded to the situation. The study identified the human vulnerabilities across the supply chain and...
8-Jun-2020 9:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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New technique for engineering living materials and patterns

Engineered living materials (ELMs) is a new class of materials that exploit the properties of living organisms
5-Jun-2020 12:10 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Previously claimed memory boosting font “Sans Forgetica” does not actually boost memory

A font called Sans Forgetica was designed to enhance people’s memory for information displayed in that font—compared to reading information in an ordinary font, such as Arial.
28-May-2020 7:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Is the future more plastic?

Plastic is indispensable to us, especially for protecting our health, which is why globally we have been facing huge challenges to reduce plastic waste while maintaining our existing lifestyles.
13-May-2020 8:15 AM EDT

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Pivoting for success: Building more resilient UK manufacturing supply chains

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how manufacturing supply chains are critical to the process of delivering products and services essential to life. Whilst a series of ‘lifeboat’ projects are needed to protect manufacturing capability in the...
6-May-2020 8:15 AM EDT

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Why we need to stop panic buying - expert comment

18-Mar-2020 1:35 PM EDT

Warwick experts explore what economic policy should look like after Brexit

Opinion formers and policy experts welcomed Which way now? Economic policy after a decade of upheaval, a new report from the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE), launched last night [12] with a panel debate at the...
19-Feb-2019 9:00 AM EST

Newswise: MergingNeutronStars-creditUniversityofWarwickMarkGarlick.jpeg

Gold Origin Confirmed with First Ever Gravitational Wave Sighting

16-Oct-2017 10:05 AM EDT

Supreme Court Brexit Ruling: Dr Mike Finn, Researcher in British Politics (Expert in UK Politics)

24-Jan-2017 8:35 AM EST

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Mental Health in Prisons Unlocked by Historical Research

Researchers in the Centre for the History of Medicine at the University of Warwick are investigating the impact of solitary confinement in prisons on mental health over the last 150 years, drawing on archival evidence, including the Howard League...
6-Oct-2016 5:05 AM EDT

#Ebola vaccine trail results "extremely positive", says Prof Andrew Easton, a virologist at the University of Warwick, UK

31-Jul-2015 8:05 AM EDT

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