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Omaha, NE USA

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Chemically Modified Drug Shows Promise for HIV Treatment and Elimination


Significant breakthrough could hasten an eventual HIV cure as modified antiviral drug is able to reach cells and tissues where HIV resides
7-Feb-2018 7:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Smartphone App Now Recognizes FASD Thanks to MMI Geneticist


With a smartphone and an app, qualified health care professionals can now diagnose fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in their office thanks to a suggestion from Omar Rahman, M.D.
16-Jan-2018 3:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

Breakthrough Research Suggests Potential Treatment for Autism, Intellectual Disability


A research team has identified the pathological mechanism for a certain type of autism and intellectual disability by creating a genetically modified mouse. They are hopeful it could eventually lead to a therapeutic fix.
10-Nov-2017 10:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Higher Dose of Vitamin D Increases Bone Density in Premature Babies


Results of a University of Nebraska Medical Center study published in the Oct. 10 issue of PLOS ONE, found if the standard supplementation of 400 IUs of vitamin D is increased to 800 IUs daily there are reductions in the number of premature and...
13-Oct-2017 4:30 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Study Shows Probiotics Can Prevent Sepsis in Infants


A research team at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health has determined that a special mixture of good bacteria in the body reduced the incidence of sepsis in infants in India by 40 percent at a cost of only $1 per...
16-Aug-2017 5:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center is dedicated in Omaha


New cancer center has been under construction for nearly four years; features extensive Healing Arts Program highlighted by Chihuly Sanctuary, designed by world-renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly
1-Jun-2017 7:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

New Technology Developed for Engineering Animal Models


A study published May 17 in the journal Genome Biology shows how highly popular custom genetically engineered animal models are easily generated using a new patent-pending technology called Easi-CRISPR.
18-May-2017 11:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Study Shows Novel Device Significantly Reduces Blood Draw Contamination, Reduces Risks to Patients

A study at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) found that a novel device can significantly reduce contamination of blood cultures, potentially reducing risky overtreatment and unnecessary use of antibiotics for many patients. This...
17-May-2017 9:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Our Experts on Newswise

How to Best Prepare Children to Succeed in the 21st Century Is Focus of Pediatrician's Book


Her book, which applies beyond toddlerhood, has less to do with the alphabet or numbers and more to do with ME, WE, WHY, WILL, WIGGLE, WOBBLE and WHAT IF. Dr. Jana calls them QI skills, and identifies them as necessary for 21st century success, and...
28-Feb-2017 10:05 AM EST

Increase Seen in Tooth Enamel Erosion; Is Soda Pop to Blame?

In the last 25 years, Kim McFarland, D.D.S., University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry in Lincoln, has seen an increase in the number of dental patients with erosion of the tooth enamel – the protective layer of the tooth. Once...
22-Jul-2013 12:30 PM EDT

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