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Understanding the Link Between Nicotine Use and Misuse of “Benzos”

Misuse of prescription benzodiazepines (such as alprazolam or Xanax, and diazepam or Valium) has been linked to nicotine use. Evidence of how nicotine “sets up” a craving for benzodiazepines — often called “benzos” — in animal laboratory...
26-Feb-2020 8:45 AM EST Add to Favorites

Majority of Veterans with GWI report moderate/severe fatigue, sleep, and pain symptoms

An online survey of nearly 500 veterans with Gulf War illness (GWI) suggests a high burden of disease almost three decades after the conflict.
5-Feb-2020 1:15 PM EST Add to Favorites

Gut Bacteria May be One Culprit for Increase of Colorectal Cancer in Younger People

A bacteria typically linked to periodontal disease, Fusobacterium nucleatum (F. nuc), could play an important role in the rising incidence of colorectal cancer in people under the age of 45. Another type of bacteria, Moraxella osloensis, has been...
20-Jan-2020 9:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

New Drug Prevents Liver Damage, Obesity and Glucose Intolerance in Mice on High-Fat Diet

Mice given a new drug targeting a key gene involved in lipid and glucose metabolism could tolerate a high-fat diet regimen (composed of 60% fat from lard) without developing significant liver damage, becoming obese, or disrupting their body’s...
20-Jan-2020 10:50 AM EST Add to Favorites

Neurologic Drug Combined with Blood Pressure Medicine Reduces Breast Tumor Development in Mice

Adding a medication used to treat epilepsy, bipolar disorder and migraines to a blood pressure medicine reversed some aspects of breast cancer in the offspring of mice at high risk of the disease because of the high fat diet fed to their mothers...
29-Dec-2019 9:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Nilotinib Appears Safe In Parkinson’s Trial; Drug Thought to Allow Dopamine Replenishment

A clinical trial investigating the repurposed cancer drug nilotinib in people with Parkinson’s disease finds that it is reasonably safe and well tolerated. Researchers also report finding an increase in dopamine, the chemical lost as a result of...
12-Dec-2019 12:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

Veterans Study Suggests Two Sub-types of Gulf War Illness

Brain imaging of veterans with Gulf War illness show varying abnormalities after moderate exercise that can be categorized into two distinct groups — an outcome that suggests a more complex illness that previously thought.
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Palbociclib is Safe for Women with Advanced Breast Cancer Who Have Unique Gene Alteration

When FDA approved palbociclib (Ibrance ®), there was very little data about the safety of this drug in people with benign ethnic neutropenia (BEN), which is common in women of color. Some of these women didn’t qualify for the clinical trials...
8-Dec-2019 2:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

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