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Study: Paper-thin gallium oxide transistor handles more than 8,000 volts

In a study published in the June edition of IEEE Electron Device Letters, University at Buffalo electrical engineers describe how a gallium oxide transistor they created can handle more than 8,000 volts. The transistor could lead to smaller and more...
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These tiny, self-assembling traps capture PFAS

A study shows hat self-assembling molecular traps can be used to capture PFAS — dangerous pollutants that have contaminated drinking water supplies around the world.
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Providing child support after prison: Some state policies may miss the mark

Many states have policies that attempt to help formerly incarcerated people find work by limiting an employer’s ability to access or use criminal records as part of the hiring process. But there is little evidence that these restrictions are...
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For two UB scientists, love means studying their daughter’s rare disease

Few people in the world would have understood what it meant. But when doctors diagnosed 2-year-old Yuna Lee with FOXG1 syndrome, her parents recognized the disease immediately. The rare genetic disorder explained Yuna’s seizures. It explained why...
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New toolkit offers mobile produce markets a roadmap for success

Toolkit provides step-by-step instructions for starting and running a mobile produce market following the Veggie Van model. It covers topics ranging from getting set up to creating a business model that is financially sustainable.
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Climate change’s toll on freshwater fish: A new database for science

Researchers, fisheries managers, conservationists, journalists and others can use FiCli to find scientific articles based on factors such as fish species, habitat type, location and type of climate change impact (such as a change in temperature or...
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Human pregnancy is weird. A new study adds to the mystery

University at Buffalo and University of Chicago scientists set out to investigate the evolution of a gene that helps women stay pregnant: the progesterone receptor gene. The results come from an analysis of the DNA of 115 mammalian species.
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Study describes cocktail of pharmaceuticals in waters in Bangladesh

An analysis revealed that water samples held a cocktail of pharmaceuticals and other compounds, including antibiotics, antifungals, anticonvulsants, anesthetics, antihypertensive drugs, pesticides, flame retardants and more. Not all chemicals were...
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UB expert can discuss death of George Floyd, history of racial injustice in America

31-May-2020 11:20 PM EDT

Experts: 7 tips for entrepreneurs and small businesses amid COVID-19

Small businesses are the lifeblood of a community, but due to the impact of the coronavirus, they’re shuttering in enormous numbers. University at Buffalo School of Management experts share their insights to help entrepreneurs and local businesses...
14-Apr-2020 11:25 AM EDT

Earth Day historian can discuss upcoming 50th anniversary

6-Apr-2020 2:50 PM EDT

Expert: How to lead effectively through volatility and uncertainty

6-Apr-2020 9:45 AM EDT

Finance expert answers key questions during coronavirus pandemic

3-Apr-2020 2:10 PM EDT

UB School of Management cybersecurity expert offers tips for teleworkers during coronavirus pandemic

2-Apr-2020 11:15 AM EDT

Do grocery, restaurant, Instacart and Amazon workers deserve hazard pay amid COVID-19 concerns?

1-Apr-2020 2:30 PM EDT

Expert: How best practices from first responders can help you work through COVID-19 disruption

1-Apr-2020 10:00 AM EDT

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