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Emperor Penguins, Increasingly Under Siege by Climate Change, Proposed as Threatened Species Under Endangered Species Act

Today, the U. S Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced a proposal to list the emperor penguin as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) based on evidence that the animal's sea ice habitat is shrinking and is likely to...
3-Aug-2021 1:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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New Study Finds Emperor Penguins Increasingly Threatened by Climate Change

Woods Hole, MA (August 3, 2021) – A new study published today in Global Change Biology provides valuable new data that highlights how species extinction risk is accelerating due to rapid climate change and an increase in extreme climate events,...
3-Aug-2021 12:20 PM EDT Add to Favorites

What Happens to Marine Life When Oxygen Is Scarce?

Woods Hole, Mass. (July 26, 2021) — In September of 2017, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution postdoctoral scholar Maggie Johnson was conducting an experiment with a colleague in Bocas del Toro off the Caribbean coast of Panama. After sitting...
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Review Evaluates the Evidence for an Intensifying Indian Ocean Water Cycle

The Indian Ocean has been warming much more than other ocean basins over the last 50-60 years.
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Study Examines the Role of Deep-Sea Microbial Predators at Hydrothermal Vents

The hydrothermal vent fluids from the Gorda Ridge spreading center in the northeast Pacific Ocean create a biological hub of activity in the deep sea. There, in the dark ocean, a unique food web thrives not on photosynthesis but rather on chemical...
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Shark Week 2021: Sharks and the Ocean’s Twilight Zone

Sharks are some of the largest fish in the ocean, known as apex predators, that steal the show in films, television and of course - shark week!
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Study Shows that Lobsters Can Detect Sound, and Raises Concern about Impact of Anthropogenic Noise

A new study demonstrates that lobsters can detect low-frequency sound and suggests that anthropogenic noise could affect lobsters. The study comes out at a time when the construction of more offshore wind farms, with their associated underwater pile...
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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution appoints new Chief Scientist for National Deep Submergence Facility

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), a world leader in ocean exploration, discovery, and education, has named a new Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence (CSDS) for its National Deep Submergence Facility (NDSF). Dr. Anna Michel, an associate...
21-Jun-2021 9:50 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Investigating the Ocean’s Influence on Australia’s Drought

To understand how the relentless heat, blazing wild fires, and bone-dry conditions have reached such extremes, scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) are looking to the ocean.
9-Jan-2020 4:00 PM EST

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WHOI Climate Change Experts Available

The ocean plays a critical role in Earth’s climate system and will be among the topics discussed during the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) taking place in Copenhagen from Dec. 7-18, 2009. This year — for the first time...
8-Dec-2009 3:25 PM EST

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