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Repeated Brain MRI Scans in Football Players Don't Show Increased Susceptibility to White Matter Changes at Younger Age

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans performed at the beginning and end of football season show significant changes in the brain's white matter in both youth and high school football players, reports a study in Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine....
5-Nov-2019 9:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

New Study in Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Compares Long-Term Patient Outcomes, Including Sexual Well-Being and Satisfaction With Breasts

Women who underwent breast reduction surgery before age 25 continue to report lasting benefits 10 to 30 years following the procedure, according to a study in the November issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal...
29-Oct-2019 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Plastic Surgery Training Has Negative Effects on Reproductive Health

Plastic surgery training takes a toll on childbearing and reproductive health, including negative effects on fertility, complications during pregnancy, and breastfeeding practices, reports a study in the November issue of Plastic and Reconstructive...
29-Oct-2019 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Gut Microbiome Is Altered by Burns, Affected by Fluid Resuscitation: New Evidence in SHOCK®

Major burns lead to changes in the gastrointestinal tract bacteria, and these alterations of the gut microbiome are influenced by resuscitation with intravenous (IV) fluids, according to animal studies reported in SHOCK®: Injury, Inflammation, and...
25-Oct-2019 11:15 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Wolters Kluwer Addresses VUI and Impact of Behavioral Design on Patient Outcomes at PX Pop-Up: Minneapolis

Wolters Kluwer, Health announced today that Freddie Feldman, Voice Design Director, will present “Behavioral Design: How Design Impacts Patient Outcomes” at the PX Pop Up: Minneapolis (#PXPopUp) presented by The Beryl Institute. Feldman’s...
24-Oct-2019 10:30 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Employee Behavioral Health Program Improves Depression and Anxiety

An employer-sponsored behavioral health program can reduce symptoms in employees with depression and anxiety, reports a study in the October Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
24-Oct-2019 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Wolters Kluwer Partners with Zhejiang University to Publish Infectious Microbes & Diseases Journal

Wolters Kluwer, Health announced today a partnership with Zhejiang University to publish the journal Infectious Microbes & Diseases (IMD) under the Lippincott portfolio to accelerate the dissemination, exchange and utilization of scientific research...
21-Oct-2019 2:50 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Lower Rates of Patient Safety Events on Psychiatric Units at VA Hospitals

Inpatient psychiatric units at Veterans Health Administration (VHA) medical centers have lower rates of adverse events and medical errors, compared to psychiatric units at general hospitals, reports a study in the November issue of Medical Care. The...
17-Oct-2019 3:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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