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“Exquisite” sabertooth skull offers clues about Ice Age predator

The recent discovery of a complete sabertooth cat skull from southwest Iowa provides the first evidence of this animal in the state. It also offers clues about an iconic Ice Age predator before the species went extinct roughly 12-13,000 years ago....
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After hitting rural areas harder, inflation’s ongoing impact evens out

Inflation took a bigger bite of rural household budgets throughout much of 2022, but its effects were similar in rural and urban areas by the end of the year, according to a report by an Iowa State University professor. Two years of rising prices...
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The dark figure of crime

A world-renowned criminologist at Iowa State lays out evidence in a new book that Ted Bundy’s criminal career was far lengthier and deadlier than the official record. He says the story of Bundy reflects the unsolved murder epidemic in the U.S. and...
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Study compares NGO communication around migration

A new study compares the communication strategies of NGOs working on migration issues in two neighboring countries, Turkey and Bulgaria. The research findings highlight how the specific political and cultural context of a country affects an...
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Understanding what makes senior towns in Iowa “smart”

Researchers are looking to small towns in Iowa to understand how some support aging in place better than others. Their findings could help communities plan for the future and preserve a high quality of life for all residents.
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With NASA grant, ISU agronomist seeking to spot crop stress from space

A research team led by Iowa State University agronomy professor Brian Hornbuckle is studying how to use satellite-based sensors to remotely detect daily changes in water content and temperature of plants in fields across the Corn Belt, a system that...
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SoilTech industry-university center to develop technology to measure, track soil health

The research groups led by Iowa State's Carmen Gomes and Jonathan Claussen will be part of a new coast-to-coast, industry-university research hub called the Center for Soil Technologies, or SoilTech. Researchers from four universities just launched...
28-Feb-2023 4:25 PM EST Add to Favorites

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Researchers turn to quantum computing power to simulate, study atomic nuclei

Let’s see, thought James Vary, how can we have a little fun with the name of our $1 million nuclear physics project?
21-Feb-2023 12:25 PM EST Add to Favorites

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Expert Available to Discuss Heat Waves and Effects on Buildings

19-Jul-2022 12:40 PM EDT

Expert available to discuss women’s narratives about medication abortions

10-May-2022 10:05 AM EDT

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Iowa State researcher leads emerging field of trauma-informed environmental design

An Iowa State University researcher is an innovator in an emerging field: trauma-informed environmental design, in which designers work to understand their clients deeply and how their life experiences affect how they experience various environments...
29-Mar-2022 3:25 PM EDT

Expert on cultural and historical relationships between Russia and Ukraine, including the concept of ‘Slavic Brotherhood’

24-Feb-2022 5:25 PM EST

Expertise on ways national identity shapes both non-violent and violent politics in the Russian Federation, Ukraine

12-Jan-2022 11:35 AM EST

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Iowa State’s Schulte Moore named 2021 MacArthur Fellow

Lisa Schulte Moore, a professor of natural resource ecology and management at Iowa State University, has been named a 2021 MacArthur Fellow for her groundbreaking research as a landscape ecologist building more sustainable and resilient agricultural...
28-Sep-2021 12:05 PM EDT

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Gutowski can address regional climate change in response to international climate change report

6-Aug-2021 11:25 AM EDT

Cybersecurity expert: "A single individual can cause enormous damage. It’s not fair.”

7-Jun-2021 3:50 PM EDT

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