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Engineers Develop Smart Material That Changes Stiffness When Twisted or Bent

Iowa State's Martin Thuo and Michael Bartlett led development of a rubbery material that transforms itself into a hard composite when bent or twisted. The new material could be used in medicine to support delicate tissues or in industry to protect...
14-Feb-2018 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites


Database Will Help Build Foundation for Steganalysis of Forensic Evidence

There is no good way for forensic investigators to detect if a digital photo or file contains a hidden message in a criminal case. Developing a tool to assist in these cases is why an Iowa State University research team is taking thousands of photos...
12-Feb-2018 9:05 AM EST Add to Favorites


Iowa State Students Find Plenty of Opportunities on Path to Medical School

Iowa State has a strong support system for pre-med and pre-health students, even without a college of human medicine or pre-health committee. Advisers and students say the opportunities in coursework, activities, research and study abroad inspire...
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Award-Winning Saudi Arabian Podcaster Realizes Dream of Becoming Scientist at Iowa State University

Majd Abdulghani is a graduate student in genetics, development and cell biology at Iowa State University. She's from Saudi Arabia and before coming to Iowa State had only ever been to the United States for vacation, to California and New York. But...
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Helping Police, Public Understand How Perception Shapes Race Bias

Stephen Biggs noticed something missing from the conversations on campus about race and the Black Lives Matter movement. No one was talking about the influence of implicit bias, so the Iowa State University assistant professor of philosophy decided...
31-Jan-2018 9:05 AM EST Add to Favorites


Chemists Follow Molecules Down ‘Nanowells,’ Track Catalytic Reactions in Nanoconfinement

Chemists have measured the effects of nanoconfinement on catalytic reactions by developing experimental techniques capable of tracking single molecules. Understanding such reactions could help chemists design high-performance catalysts.
30-Jan-2018 5:05 PM EST Add to Favorites


Engineers Develop Flexible, Water-Repellent Graphene Circuits for Washable Electronics

Jonathan Claussen and the nanoengineers in his research group continue to find new ways to use graphene printing technology. They're now treating printed graphene with lasers to create electronic circuits that repel water. That could lead to...
23-Jan-2018 5:05 PM EST Add to Favorites


Combating Data Breach Fatigue

If you shop online or swipe a credit or debit card when out to eat, you’ve likely received a notice your personal information was compromised in a data breach. And if you’re like most consumers, chances are you did nothing in response, says an...
23-Jan-2018 10:55 AM EST Add to Favorites

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10-Jan-2018 9:05 AM EST


3-Jan-2018 10:05 AM EST


Eating “clean” is all about avoiding foods with additives, preservatives or other chemicals on the label. Two Iowa State University professors are warning of the consequences associated with the clean food movement in terms of food waste, safety...
31-Oct-2017 4:10 PM EDT


October marks the 80th anniversary of the 1937 Haitian massacre, which killed an estimated 20,000 Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent. Megan Jeanette Myers, an Iowa State asst. prof., says the anniversary is a time for reflection and...
25-Sep-2017 10:05 AM EDT


29-Aug-2017 11:05 AM EDT


22-Jun-2017 11:05 AM EDT


A certain amount of learning is lost when children are out of school for the summer. While most children don't want to think about hitting the books, Iowa State's Emily Hayden has some creative suggestions for parents to encourage learning and...
8-Jun-2017 10:05 AM EDT


21-Apr-2017 11:05 AM EDT

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