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Software developed at UC Davis analyzes calcium ‘sparks’ that can contribute to arrhythmia

UC Davis and the University of Oxford researchers developed a new software tool, SparkMaster 2, that allows scientists to analyze normal and abnormal calcium activity in cells. Problems with how and when calcium is released by cells can have an...
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UC Davis MIND Institute director calls for new approach to equity in autism, fragile X research

UC Davis MIND Institute Director Leonard Abbeduto has co-authored a paper in the American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities that calls for a paradigm shift in disability research.
30-Aug-2023 9:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

UC Davis Eye Center tests experimental gene therapy for wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Ophthalmologists at UC Davis Health used an experimental gene therapy last month to treat a patient with wet age-related macular degeneration, or wet AMD. Wet AMD is a leading cause of vision loss among older adults. Glenn Yiu, a professor of...
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Gene therapy study identifies potential new treatment for liver cancer

Gene therapy with microRNA-22 produced better survival outcomes than the current FDA-approved drug for liver cancer and without noticeable toxicity in new mouse study.
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Volunteering in late life may protect the brain against cognitive decline and dementia

Volunteering in late life is associated with better cognitive function — specifically, better executive function and episodic memory, according to a new UC Davis study.
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NIH renews UC Davis MIND Institute grant to study fragile X-associated syndromes for 24th year

It's fragile X awareness month, and the NIH has renewed funding for a key study of the neurodegenerative condition fragile X-associated tremor ataxia syndrome (FXTAS).
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Is listening to music better than a sleeping pill?

Listening to music reduces the overall severity of insomnia, improves sleep quality and helps to initiate sleep. The effect was comparable to prescription sleep medications, such as the Z-drugs and benzodiazepines.
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New paper suggests health care simulation should train providers to think on their feet

In a new paper, emergency medicine physician Samuel Clarke suggests the health education community re-design simulation-based teaching to utilize more adaptive expertise.
14-Jun-2023 1:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Kids don't know they need glasses: 7 vision tips for parents

Can your child see the blackboard at school? Ophthalmologist Marcela Maria Estrada explains why kids often don’t know they have bad eyesight and gives tips for healthy vision.
18-Aug-2023 2:35 PM EDT

Anxiety disorders will affect nearly 1 in 3 adults: Here’s what you need to know

A UC Davis expert explains anxiety versus fear and how anxiety disorders can be effectively treated with therapy, medications and self-care.
10-May-2023 6:20 PM EDT

Extreme Risk Protection Orders to Prevent Mass Shootings: What Does the Research Show?

Mass shooters frequently share their plans, creating opportunities to intervene. Experts from the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program provide an overview of the research on mass shootings and the “red flag” laws or extreme risk...
24-Jun-2022 9:20 AM EDT

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The Surge in Throat Cancer, Especially in Men

Humanpapilloma virus (HPV) is now the leading cause of certain types of throat cancer. Dr. Michael Moore, director of head and neck surgery at UC Davis and an HPV-related cancer expert, answers some tough questions about the trend and what can be...
31-Jul-2018 6:05 PM EDT

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Oh, My Aching Head! the Who, What, Why and How to Cope with Migraine

Migraine headaches can strike any time and be debilitating, making it impossible to work or enjoy even life’s simple pleasures. They affect approximately 12 percent of the population living in the U.S. and are three times more prevalent in women...
27-Jun-2018 1:05 PM EDT

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