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Immune Signature Predicts Asthma Susceptibility

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease driven by the interplay of genetics, environmental factors and a diverse cast of immune cells. In their latest study, researchers at La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology (LJI) identified a subset of...
16-Feb-2018 10:05 AM EST Add to Favorites


LJI researchers reveal how to undermine immune cell mobilization in allergic inflammation.

LJI researchers report mechanisms used by a subgroup of ILCs, known as ILC2 cells, to undergo maturation required for them to mount an effective immune response. These discoveries suggest a novel approach to treat inflammatory disease caused by...
9-Feb-2018 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites


Groundbreaking Parkinson’s Research at La Jolla Institute Funded by Michael J. Fox Foundation

La Jolla Institute Professor Dr. Alessandro Sette has been awarded a $340,000 grant by The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) to follow up on an earlier MJFF-supported study, which provided the strongest evidence to date...
23-Jan-2018 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites


Novel Genomic Tools Provide New Insight Into Human Immune System

La Jolla Institute scientists provide new insights into how so-called CD4 cytotoxic T cells arise in humans and thus could facilitate improved vaccine design.
19-Jan-2018 2:00 PM EST Add to Favorites


LJI Researchers Discover Key Driver of Atopic Dermatitis

La Jolla Institute scientists demonstrate that LIGHT, a member of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) super family, directly controls the hyperproliferation of keratinocytes as well as the expression of periostin, a protein that contributes to the...
16-Jan-2018 5:05 PM EST Add to Favorites


One in a Million

The development of an HIV vaccine has proven extraordinarily difficult. One of the reasons is that naïve precursor B cells that can give rise to mature B cells producing broadly neutralizing antibodies are exceedingly rare within the average human....
20-Dec-2017 12:00 AM EST Add to Favorites


LJI Researchers Report How T Cells Navigate the Rough-and-Tumble Environment of the Bloodstream

Helper T cells move toward inflamed tissue using membrane protrusions that stabilize them and provide traction on the vasculature. Using high-resolution microscopy and global molecular analysis, the team shows that immature T cells lack these...
20-Dec-2017 12:05 PM EST Add to Favorites


San Diego Team Wins $ 6.9 Million Grant to Establish PrecISE Network Clinical Center

A team of physicians, scientists and biostatisticians from La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology and UC San Diego School of Medicine joined forces across institutions to successfully compete for an $6.9 million grant to establish one of only...
6-Dec-2017 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

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