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Georgia Tech Joins the U.S. National Science Foundation to Advance AI Research and Education

Today, Georgia Tech received two National Science Foundation (NSF) Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes awards, totaling $40 million. A third award for $20 million was granted to the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA), with Georgia Tech serving...
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Wearable Brain-Machine Interface Turns Intentions into Actions

.An international team of researchers led by Georgia Tech is combining soft scalp electronics and virtual reality in a brain-interface system, recently published in Advanced Science.
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Backscatter Breakthrough Runs Near-Zero-Power IoT Communicators at 5G Speeds Everywhere

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Nokia Bell Labs, and Heriot-Watt University have found a low-cost way for backscatter radios to support high-throughput communication and 5G-speed Gb/sec data transfer using only a single...
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Georgia Covid-19 Vaccine Dashboard Breaks Down Vaccination Trends by Race at County Level

A new Covid-19 vaccine dashboard for the state of Georgia shows vaccination rates among white residents are higher than those of Black residents in all large metro counties, as well as in around 70% of all Georgia counties.
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A Breakthrough in the Physics of Blood Clotting

New research by the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University published in the journal Biomaterials sheds new light on the mechanics and physics of blood clotting through modeling the dynamics at play during a still poorly understood...
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How An Elephant’s Trunk Manipulates Air to Eat and Drink

New research from Georgia Tech finds that elephants dilate their nostrils in order to create more space in their trunks, allowing them to store up to nine liters of water. They can also suck up three liters per second — a speed 30 times faster...
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Itch Insight: Skin Itch Mechanisms Differ on Hairless Versus Hairy Skin

Researchers at Georgia Tech have uncovered differences in itch on hairy versus non-hairy skin that could lead to more effective treatments for patients with persistent skin itching.
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Did Earth’s Early Rise in Oxygen Support The Evolution of Multicellular Life — or Suppress It?

Study offers significant new information on the correlations between oxygenation of the early Earth and the rise of large multicellular organisms. “We show that the effect of oxygen is more complex than previously imagined," said Will Ratcliff...
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