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What Tiny Surfing Robots Teach Us About Surface Tension

Propelled by chemical changes in surface tension, microrobots surfing across fluid interfaces lead researchers to new ideas.
9-Oct-2020 10:35 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Smart cruise control steers drivers toward better decisions

Smart cruise control, better human decisions. Michigan Tech engineers study how cars and trucks move cooperatively on the road, respond to each other’s environmental sensors and react as a group to lessen traffic jams and protect the humans inside.
29-Sep-2020 4:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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From Plastic to Protein Powder

Michigan Tech researchers have been selected for a $7.2 million DARPA cooperative agreement award to turn military plastic waste into protein powder and lubricants.
16-Sep-2020 9:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Isle Royale Winter Study: Fewer Wolves, Fewer Moose

There are at least 12 wolves on the island and an estimated 1,876 moose. Twenty-five moose were outfitted with GPS-enabled radio collars this year.
16-Sep-2020 9:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Turbulence affects aerosols and cloud formation

Turbulent air in the atmosphere affects how cloud droplets form. New research from Michigan Technological University’s cloud chamber changes the way clouds, and therefore climate, are modeled.
16-Sep-2020 1:40 PM EDT Add to Favorites

New Great Lakes modeling improves operational forecast system

Forecasting the water levels, temperatures, and currents of the Great Lakes is important because conditions on the lakes affect commerce, recreation, and community well-being. These forecasts comprise the Great Lakes Operational Forecast System...
16-Sep-2020 12:20 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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MTU and Argonne engineers improve signal processing for smaller fiber optic cables

Small circuits can go the distance. Researchers at Michigan Tech have mapped a noise-reducing magneto-optical response that occurs in fiber-optic communications, opening the door for new materials technologies.
16-Sep-2020 11:35 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Mathematically Modeling the Return to College Campuses in the Time of COVID-19

A student-built simulation shows why college campuses are particularly prone to rapid spreading of COVID-19 and reinforces the need for quick testing and symptom reporting to find and isolate infected individuals.
25-Aug-2020 12:15 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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