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Back to School This Year Is Far from Back to Normal For Kids with Allergies and Asthma

Kids with allergies and asthma may have to take extra precautions as they head back to school this year.
28-Jul-2020 8:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Donating Your Plasma Saves the Lives of Those with Primary Immunodeficiency

The U.S. is currently experiencing a devastating shortage of plasma, and those in need are being forced to skip necessary treatments or go without – a possibly fatal situation.
22-Jul-2020 8:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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ACAAI Announces Virtual 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting

Due to COVID-19, this year's ACAAI Annual Scientific Meeting will be held virtually.
8-Jul-2020 10:35 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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“Saharan Plume” Brings Additional Eye, Nose and Throat Irritation to Allergy Sufferers

Allergy and asthma sufferers may find their symptoms are more frequent and severe due to the "Sarahan Plume."
24-Jun-2020 12:35 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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With Social Distancing and Precautions, Your 4th of July Can Be Free of Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

COVID-19 will mean more planning to make the 4th of July fun and safe
16-Jun-2020 8:55 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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You May Be Ready for College, but Are Your Allergies and Asthma?

As many students will head to campus while COVID-19 is still a concern, it’s especially important that they stay healthy and have a good plan to manage their allergies and asthma.
21-May-2020 8:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Too Little Sleep Can Mean More Asthma Attacks in Adults

A new article in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reveals that too little sleep, and occasionally too much sleep, can negatively impact adults with asthma.
12-May-2020 8:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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New Guidelines Provide Evidence-Based Recommendations for Treating Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE)

A new guideline from the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) and the Joint Task Force for Allergy-Immunology Practice Parameters provides recommendations for the management of Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) in pediatric and adult patients.
28-Apr-2020 9:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Telemedicine expert Tania Elliott, MD, available for interviews to discuss how to conduct telemedicine appointments

6-Apr-2020 10:45 AM EDT

Infectious disease/international travel expert available to speak on Coronavirus

29-Jan-2020 10:45 AM EST

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Get Ready for Fall Allergies Because They’re Headed Your Way

You may not want to think about fall allergies, but if you start planning now, your allergy symptoms will likely be much less severe, and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty the fall season brings.
14-Aug-2018 2:05 PM EDT

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Looking for an Asthma Expert to Discuss Today's CDC Report on the Decline of Asthma Attacks in Children?

6-Feb-2018 12:05 PM EST

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Expert Allergist Available to Advise Those with Asthma on Complications Caused by the Flu

19-Jan-2018 1:05 PM EST

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Know What Resources Help Protect Against Asthma Attacks

May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month – the perfect time to help your audience discover previously unknown facts about controlling asthma.
19-Apr-2017 3:40 PM EDT

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Expert Allergist Available to Advise Parents on Preventing Peanut Allergy by Introducing Their Infant to Peanut-Containing Foods

15-Dec-2016 10:20 AM EST

Expert Allergist Available to Speak on the Effects of the Southern Wildfires on Asthma Sufferers

18-Nov-2016 3:05 PM EST

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