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Exoskeletons Have a Problem: They Can Strain the Brain

Exoskeletons – wearable devices used by workers on assembly lines or in warehouses to alleviate stress on their lower backs – may compete with valuable resources in the brain while people work, canceling out the physical benefits of wearing...
21-Jul-2021 3:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Biodiversity, Climate Change and the Fate of Coral Reefs

In a paper presented July 20 at the International Coral Reef Symposium, an international group of scientists said that the coming decade will likely offer the last chance for policymakers at all levels to prevent coral reefs “from heading towards...
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Blocking How the Malaria Parasite Suppresses the Immune Response

The parasites that cause severe malaria are well-known for the sinister ways they infect humans, but new research may lead to drugs that could block one of their most reliable weapons: interference with the immune response.
21-Jul-2021 8:10 AM EDT Add to Favorites

15,000-Year-Old Viruses Discovered in Tibetan Glacier Ice

Scientists who study glacier ice have found viruses nearly 15,000 years old in two ice samples taken from the Tibetan Plateau in China. Most of those viruses, which survived because they had remained frozen, are unlike any viruses that have been...
20-Jul-2021 8:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Scientists on the Scent of Flavor Enhancement

With hopes to capitalize on the smell factor in flavor development, researchers are exploring how the route an aroma takes to get to the olfactory system, through the nose or the back of the throat, influences our response to the scent in question.
19-Jul-2021 11:15 AM EDT Add to Favorites

COVID-19 Made Unequal Access to Food Worse, Study Suggests

Long before COVID-19, low-income people had few options for buying healthy, fresh food. New research showed that pandemic only made the situation worse.
19-Jul-2021 8:40 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Race, Politics Divide Americans on Sports Issues

Although some people may yearn for sports to be free of political or racial divisiveness, a new study shows how impossible that dream may be.
16-Jul-2021 8:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Even on Facebook, COVID-19 Polarized Members of U.S. Congress

Facebook posts by members of the U.S. Congress reveal the depth of the partisan divide over the COVID-19 pandemic, new research shows.
15-Jul-2021 1:10 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Athlete Protests, Like We May See at the Olympics, Divide Americans Along Racial & Political Lines, an Expert Says.

20-Jul-2021 8:00 AM EDT

How the pandemic revealed cracks in global supply chains

At the start of the pandemic, Americans were shocked by empty store shelves as global supply chains sputtered to keep up with demand. But the end of the pandemic is unlikely to solve many of the issues with global supply chains.
7-Dec-2020 12:25 PM EST

Glacial ice will likely hold records of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers say

Ice from glaciers around the world, undisturbed for centuries, show changes in how societies functioned throughout history – and will likely hold a record of the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for future generations.
7-May-2020 10:35 AM EDT

Parents shouldn’t feel they have to be teachers, too

In the wake of COVID-19, children across the country were sent home from school, many with suggested assignments and learning activities. The last thing parents should do is stress themselves about making their child complete all of these school...
19-Mar-2020 8:40 AM EDT

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Ohio State ethics and public health expert available to discuss coronavirus outbreak and the implications of quarantine, travel restrictions and other measures

30-Jan-2020 9:00 AM EST

How our chocolate consumption threatens rare primates

1-Nov-2019 7:05 AM EDT

"We proved that women could certainly stand the rigors of Antarctica"

As the world watches the first all-female spacewalk, looking back at another glass-ceiling-busting milestone: The first all-female research expedition to Antarctica.
18-Oct-2019 8:05 AM EDT

6 things we know--and don't--about the Moon, 50 years later

As the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, Wayne Schlingman, director of the Arne Slettebak Planetarium at The Ohio State University, explains what that first moon landing taught us and what we still have to learn about...
18-Jul-2019 2:05 PM EDT

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