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More than meets the eye: Researchers uncover the microbial secrets of dry eye

Researchers have used advanced sequencing technology to determine how the mix of microbes present in patients with healthy eyes differs from the mix found in patients with dry eye.
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Study suggests that estrogen may drive nicotine addiction in women

A newly discovered feedback loop involving estrogen may explain why women might become dependent on nicotine more quickly and with less nicotine exposure than men. The research could lead to new treatments for women who are having trouble quitting...
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Researchers uncover key biomolecule involved in whooping cough infection

Researchers have identified a new complex-carbohydrate biomolecule, or glycan, that plays a key role in the nasal colonization of the Bordetella bacteria responsible for whooping cough. The discovery could make it possible to create a new drug or...
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Study suggests statins could help fight gum disease

A new study conducted in cell cultures showed that cholesterol-lowering drugs help to dampen the inflammation associated with periodontal disease by altering the behavior of macrophages, a type of immune cell.
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New surfactant could improve lung treatments for premature babies

Scientists have developed a new lung surfactant that is produced synthetically rather than relying on the use of animal tissues. With further development, the formulation could provide a cheaper and more readily available alternative to Infasurf, a...
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Study links long-term consumption of reused deep-fried oil with increased neurodegeneration

A new study found higher levels of neurodegeneration in rats that consumed reused deep fried cooking oils and their offspring compared to rats on a normal diet.
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African catfish skin mucus yields promising antibacterial compound

Scientists report they have extracted a compound with powerful antibacterial properties from the skin of farmed African catfish.
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New compound offers hope for deadly tropical disease

A newly developed compound is showing promise in animal studies as a more effective treatment for human schistosomiasis, an understudied tropical disease caused by parasitic worms.
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