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Uncovering the Past: Researchers Create 3D Images of Fossils

Idaho National Laboratory researchers recently imaged several fossils using a powerful X-ray microscope. The 3D images will be used to create exhibits for Wyoming’s Fossil Butte National Monument and help experts gain insight into the origins of...
11-Aug-2022 10:45 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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Small Business Tests Promising New Battery at Idaho National Laboratory

Researchers are working to find an alternative to lithium-ion batteries that, despite their use in everything from smartphones to electric vehicles, have some disadvantages, especially their relatively low energy density compared to gasoline.
28-Jun-2022 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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No Small Potatoes: Understanding Risks and Impacts to Our Agricultural Supply

When most people hear about the state of Idaho, potatoes are probably the first thing they think of. Those famous potatoes are at the forefront of a new research project at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) as well. This research began at the outset...
18-May-2022 1:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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AI for a Clean Energy Future: Researchers Use Machine Learning for Advanced Fuel Development

Developing the nuclear power systems of the future requires innovative thinking and new approaches to solving complex challenges. For the first time, a team of Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and University of Idaho researchers has successfully...
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Taking charge of safety: How the BADGE diagnostics platform will provide reliable electric vehicle battery data

Although electric vehicles provide a reliable and effective solution to the growing carbon emissions problem, some drivers question their safety. INL researchers are addressing electric vehicle battery safety concerns with the recently deployed...
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Fueling Innovation: New collaboration with University of Utah tackles nuclear waste

It’s one of the most persistent questions in nuclear energy: What about the waste? A new collaboration between Idaho National Laboratory and the University of Utah hopes to answer that question by making fuel recycling a reality for advanced...
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‘Their Flexibility Is Their Strength’

Over the past decade, just as the invention of the silicon microchip revolutionized electronics, crystalline minerals called perovskites have helped researchers discover new, innovative electronics and energy technologies. Now, at Idaho National...
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Key to Improved Green Tech Efficiency Found in Simple Acid Treatment

The development of new, more efficient electrochemical cells could provide a good option for carbon-free hydrogen and chemical production along with large-scale electricity generation and storage. But first, scientists must overcome several...
20-Apr-2022 1:35 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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