Purdue University

Name and Address
Purdue University
News office: News Service
Engineering Administration Bldg., 400 Centennial Mall Dr.
West Lafayette IN 47907-2016
United States
Phone news office: 765-494-2096
Phone main: 765-494-4600
Fax news office: 765-494-0401

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www.purdue.edu/UNS/newsweb.exp...Experts Directory Website


Media Contacts and Active Users

(these users are visible on your Newsroom as contacts for journalists)

Name Title Beat Email Phone
Jim Bush Communications & Marketing Specialist/Editor jsbush@purdue.edu 765-494-2077
Grant Flora Education gflora@purdue.edu 765-494-3d676
Julie Griffith ExecutiveVP for Strategy, Partnerships and Outreach jgriff@purdue.edu 765-494-6838
Ashley Hutchcraft Event Planner ahutchcr@purdue.edu (765) 49-42849
Greg McClure Communications & Marketing Specialist/Editor gmcclure@purdue.edu 765-496-9711
Jeanne Norberg Public Information Director jnorberg@purdue.edu 765-494-2084
Amy Schlueter Media Contact, Food Science aschlue@purdue.edu 765-496-7823
Shirley Skeel Media Relations Manager sskeel@ups.edu 253-879-2611
Steve Tally Senior Communications & Marketing Specialist tally@purdue.edu 765-494-9809
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Hidden Profiles

(these users are hidden from view in your Newsroom, but they may still be able to upload releases and perform other tasks depending on their individual settings)

Name Title Beat Email Phone
Phillip Fiorini Senior Writer/Editor Discovery Park pfiorini@purdue.edu 765-496-3133
Elizabeth Gardner Communication & Marketing Specialist/Science ekgardner@purdue.edu 765 494-2081
Sandra Hartman shartman@purdue.edu 765-494-2076
Sue Honey Uploader Administrative email@email.com 765-494-2078
Christy Jones Writer/Publicist student issues christyjones@purdue.... 765-494-7704
Mary King Senior Director of Customer Relationship Marketing king36@purdue.edu
Greg Kline Science and Technology Reporter libraries, information technology writer gnkline@gmail.com 765-494-8167
Olivia Maddox Editor maddoxol@purdue.edu 765-496-3207
Amy Patterson Neubert Communications & Marketing Specialist liberal arts writer apatterson@purdue.ed... 765-494-9723
Jim Schenke Writer/Publicist jschenke@purdue.edu 765-494-6262
Cynthia Sequin Marketing and Communications Director Research Foundation casequin@prf.org 765-588-3340
Emil Venere Engineering Writer science venere@purdue.edu 765-494-4709
J Michael Willis Digital Marketing Assistant Director jmwillis@purdue.edu 765-494-0371