Temple University

Name and Address
Temple University
News office: University Communications
1913 N Broad St., Lower level, Mitten Hall
Philadelphia PA 19122
United States
Phone news office: 215-204-8561
Phone main: 215-204-7000
Fax news office: 215-204-4403

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Cheryl Afonso Media Technology Specialist cheryla@temple.edu 215-204-7476
Ray Betzner Assistant vice president of university communications betzner@temple.edu
Chuong Doan Budget and Operations Director cdoan@temple.edu 215-204-5335
Hillel Hoffmann no longer in communications email@email.com 215-204-9699
Myrtle Jackson Administrative Asst. myrtle.jackson@templ... 215-204-7476
Preston Moretz Science & Technology Writer Science, Technology, Engineering preston.moretz@templ... 215-204-4380
Veronica Roberson-Tinsley Billing vtinsley@temple.edu 215-204-8562
Natasha Wetten natasha@temple.edu
Elaine Winfield Administrative Asst. Elaine.winfield@temp... 215-204-8561