University of Rochester

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University of Rochester
News office: Public Relations
Box 270033
Rochester NY 14627-0033
United States
Phone news office: 585-275-4118
Phone main:
Fax news office: 585-275-0359

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Media Contacts and Active Users

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Theresa Danylak Communications Manager Warner School of Education tdanylak@warner.roch... 585-275-0777
Scott Hauser Editor: Rochester Review
Peter Iglinski Senior Press Officer, Science & Public Media Science chem biology math engineering earth sciences climate change peter.iglinski@roche... 585-273-4726
Amy McDonald Associate VP for Communications and Strategy a.atheymcdonald@roch... 585-276-8735
Sara Miller Public Information Coordinator/Spokesperson smiller@ur.rochester... 585-275-4128
Leonor Sierra Science writer & press officer Science & Engineering leonor.sierra@gmail.... 585-276-6264
Lindsey Valich Press Officer Sciences & Engineering lvalich@ur.rochester... 585-276-6264
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Hidden Profiles

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Maureen Baisch Office Manager maureen.baisch@roche... 585-275-5240
Sharon Dickman University Spokeswoman university administration, community issues sdickman@rochester.e... 585-275-4128
Jenny Leonard Editor: Futurity
Erin Martin Kane Associate VP for Public Relations erin.kane@rochester.... 585-273-2617
Elizabeth Stauderman VP of Communications elizabeth.stauderman... 585-275-4124
Laura Torchia Publicity Assistant ltorchia@admin.roche... 585-275-4117