Yale University

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Yale University
News office: Public Affairs
433 Temple St.
New Haven CT 06511
United States
Phone news office: 203-432-1345
Phone main: 203-432-4771
Fax news office: 203-432-7459

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Ellen Cupo Communications Coordinator Center for International & Professional Experience ellen.cupo@yale.edu 203-432-8642
Janet Emanuel Science & Medicine janet.emanuel@yale.e... 203-432-2157
William Hathaway biology Neurosciences psychiatry genetics psychology william.hathaway@yal... 203-432-1322
Ziba Kashef Senior Communications Officer Yale Medicine, Health Sciences ziba.kashef@yale.edu 203-436-9317
Fred Mamoun Communications Officer fred.mamoun@yale.edu 203-432-1345
Bess Martell Communications Officer elizabeth.connollyma... 203-432-1324
Michael Morand Senior Advisor / Special Projects michael.morand@yale.... 203-432-1345
Karen Peart Director External Communications science and medicine karen.peart@yale.edu 203-432-1326
Kianti Roman Media Contact Arts, Social Sciences, & International Programs kianti.roman@yale.ed... 203-432-8055
Jim Shelton Senior Communications Officer Physical Sciences/Engineering james.shelton@yale.e... 203-361-8332
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
LuAnn Bishop Editor Yale Bulletin & Calendar luann.bishop@yale.ed...
Thomas Conroy University Press Secretary tom.conroy@yale.edu 203-432-1345
Charles Greenberg Librarian email@email.com
Marilyn Wilkes Director of Public Relations MacMillan Center International marilyn.wilkes@yale.... 203-432-1319