Washington State University

Name and Address
Washington State University
News office: News Bureau
PO Box 1040
Pullman WA 99164-1040
United States
Phone news office: 509-335-3581
Phone main: 509-335-3564
Fax news office: 509-335-2220

Contact Directory


URL Type
wsunews.wsu.edu/News Office Website
experts.wsu.edu/Experts Directory Website
www.wsu.edu/Research/Research Magazine Website
wsm.wsu.edu/Research Magazine Website


Media Contacts and Active Users

(these users are visible on your Newsroom as contacts for journalists)

Name Title Beat Email Phone
Kathy Barnard-La Pointe Executive Director, University Communications kbarnard@wsu.edu 509-335-8055
Brenda Campbell Electronic Communications Specialist bcampbell@wsu.edu 509-335-1078
Brian Clark brian.clark@wsu.edu 509-335-0939
Larry Clark Assistant Editor at Washington State Magazine larry.clark@wsu.edu 509-335-2388
William Ferguson Writer, Communications Coordinator Science will.ferguson@wsu.ed... 509-335-3927
Marcia Gossard Senior Writer and Editor mgossard@nasw.org 509-335-8242
Addy Hatch Director of Outreach & Communications addy.hatch@wsu.edu 509-324-7340
Matt Haugen News & Social Media Manager mhaugen@wsu.edu 509-335-0487
Eric Sorensen Science Writer eric.sorensen@wsu.ed... 509-335-4846
Brett Stav brett.stav@wsu.edu
David Wasson WSU News & Media Relations director david.wasson@wsu.edu 509‑335‑0033
Darin Watkins Exec. Director darin.watkins@wsu.ed... 509-335-4456
Expert Directory Profiles Manage Experts

(these users are faculty profiles in the Newswise Expert Directory and are not shown under the list of media contacts on your Newsroom)

Name Title Beat Email Phone
Hidden Profiles

(these users are hidden from view in your Newsroom, but they may still be able to upload releases and perform other tasks depending on their individual settings)

Name Title Beat Email Phone
Scott Fedale Retired fedale@wsu.edu 509-335-2806
Dennis Fleenor Retored email@email.com 206-972-8590
Tina Hilding Communications Coordinator thilding@wsu.edu 509-335-5095
John Sutherland Sr. Marketing Consultant jsutherland@wsu.edu 509-335-1899