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Texas State University-San Marcos601 University Dr.
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Phone main: 512-245-2111
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Dr. Amitai Abramovitch Assistant Professor abramovitch@txstate.... 512-245-2236
Dr. Tania Betancourt Associate Professor Tania.Betancourt@txs... (512) 245-7703
Dr. Pete Blair Professor of Criminal Justice and the Executive Director of ALERRT Pete.blair@txstate.e... 512-245-2456
Jennifer Devine Assistant Professor devine@txstate.edu 512-245-3937
Dr. Lawrence Fulton Assistant Professor and Program Director, BSHS larry.fulton@txstate... (512) 245-3492
Dr. Jennifer Irvin Associate Professor - Director, MSEC Program ji12@txstate.edu (512) 245-7875
Dr. Christopher Johnson Clinical Professor cjj38@txstate.edu 512.245.5693
Dr. Maureen Keeley-Vassberg Professor — Director of Graduate Studies maureen.keeley@txsta... 512.245.3133
Jessica Pliley Associate Professor of the History of Women, Genders, and Sexualities email@email.com
Dr. Ty Schepis Associate Professor schepis@txstate.edu (512) 245-6805
Dr. Ron Walter Professor and Director Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center rwalter@txstate.edu (512) 245-0357
Hidden Profiles

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Kelly Raaz Digital Content Specialist k_r304@txstate.edu 512.245.4618
Joseph Meyer Director, Institutional Research jm01@txstate.edu 512-245-2386
Kimberly Porterfield Director, Community Relations kp10@txstate.edu 512-245-9644
Dr. Aimee Roundtree akr@txstate.edu (512) 245-2317
Melinda Villagran Professor, Expert Social, Behavioral Sciences mv12@txstate.edu 512-245-2165