Boston Children's Hospital

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Boston Children's Hospital
News office: Public Affairs and Marketing
120 Brookline Ave., 2nd Fl.
Boston MA 02115
United States
Phone news office: 617-919-3110
Phone main:
Fax news office:

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Kendall Bauer Social Media Coordinator kendall.bauer@childr... 617-919-3101
Kristen Dattoli Senior Manager Media Relations kristen.dattoli@chil... 617-919-3141
Nancy Fliesler Senior Science Writer nancy.fliesler@child... 617-919-3109
Roderic Olvera Young Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Vice President roddy.young@children... 617-919-3177
Keri Stedman Media Specialist keri.stedman@childre... 617-919-3110
Erin Tornatore Senior Media Specialist erin.tornatore@child... 617-919-3110
Bethany Tripp Media Specialist bethany.tripp@childr... 617-919-3656
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Michelle Davis Vice President of Public Affairs pubaff@tch.harvard.e...
Rob Graham Vice President of Communications Research