Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

Name and Address
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
News office: Communications Office
540 Gaither Rd.
Rockville MD 20850
United States
Phone news office: 301-427-1855
Phone main: 301-427-1364
Fax news office: 301-427-1238

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Andy Bindman Senior Advisor Primary Care
Karen Carp Health Communications Specialist Audio; Video; Podcasting karen.carp@ahrq.hhs.... 301-427-1858
Bob McNellis Senior Advisor Primary Care
Karen Migdail AHRQ's Chief Public Information Officer Capitol Hill; legislative affairs karen.migdail@ahrq.h... 301-427-1855
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Farah Englert Health Communications Specialist farah.englert@ahrq.h... 301-427-1865
Karen Fleming-Michael Health Communications Specialist Karen.FlemingMichael... 301-427-1798
Veronica Friel Research Analyst 301-427-1542
Chris Rowe Health Communication Specialist christopher.rowe@ahr... 301-427-1892
Susan Toman susan.toman@ahrq.hhs... 301-427-1854