Veterans Affairs (VA) Research Communications

Name and Address
Veterans Affairs (VA) Research Communications
News office: RArrayD Communications
103 S Gay St., Ste. 517
Baltimore MD 21202
United States
Phone news office: 410-962-1800 x223
Phone main: 410-962-1800
Fax news office: 410-962-0084

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Media Contacts and Active Users

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Milli Alam Public Affairs Specialist 202-530-9364
James Blue Director, VA National Story Program 212-807-3429
David Burnaska Staff Assistant 410-962-1800 x252
Media Contact VA Main Contact 2024955172
Stephen Herring Director of Communications Stephen.Herring@va.g... 443-759-3455
Joan Jones Technician 410-642-1748
Gregory Kendall Public Affairs Officer Gregory.Kendall@va.g... 404-417-5385
Linda Lutes Director 202-254-0135
Mitchell Mirkin Senior Writer 410-962-1800 x252
Dore Mobley Public Affairs Specialist
Tommy Sowers 202-461-7500
Pallas Wahl 857-203-5879
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Hidden Profiles

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Patricia Bush Administrative Assistant 410-962-1800 x223
Pat Forsythe West Coast Writer 415-750-2140
Arlene Kelly 716-862-8751
Leo Marinacci Public Affairs Specialist leo.marinacci@mail.v... 212-807-3425