University of Alaska Fairbanks

Name and Address
University of Alaska Fairbanks
News office: University Relations
202 Eielson
Fairbanks AK 99775-7520
United States
Phone news office: 907-474-7778
Phone main: 907-474-7581
Fax news office: 907-474-6492

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www.uaf.eduNews Office Website


Media Contacts and Active Users

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Maite Agopian Education & Outreach Manager maite.agopian@alaska...
Diana Campbell Public Relations Assistant dlcampbell@alaska.ed... 907-474-5229
Fritz Freudenberger Media Contact ffreudenberger@alask...
Beth Grassi EarthScope Science Writer 907 474-7094
Marmian Grimes Senior Public Information Officer marmian.grimes@alask... 907-474-7902
Amy Hartley Medica contact amy.hartley@elbitsys... 907-474-5823
Deirdre Helfferich Managing Editor Agroborealis dahelfferich@alaska.... 907-474-6923
Leona Long Public Information Officer 907-474-5086
Lynda McGilvary lmmcgilvary@alaska.e...
Kate Wattum Assistant Director of Public Affairs kate.wattum@alaska.e... 907-450-8104
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Carla Browning UAF Institutional Events and Communications Manager cjbrowning@alaska.ed... 907-474-7778
Michelle Renfrew Director 907-474-5337