University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Name and Address
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
News office: News Bureau
807 S Wright St., Ste. 520 E
Champaign IL 61820
United States
Phone news office: 217-333-1085
Phone main: 217-333-1000
Fax news office: 217-244-0161

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Craig Chamberlain News Bureau editor/writer social sciences, media, international programs cdchambe@illinois.ed... 217-333-2894
Jan Dennis Assistant Director Business jdennis@uillinois.ed... 217-244-0611
Sharita Forrest Humanities Editor education slforres@illinois.ed... 217-244-1072
Barlow LeVold Associate Director of Foundation Relations 217-244-8146
Jessica Love Postdoctoral Fellow
Lauren Quinn Media and Communications Specialist 217-300-2435
Heidi Rockwood rockwood@uillinois.e... 217.265.5449
Todd Sweet Associate Director of Advanced Media 217-333-5943
Liz Touchstone Editor - Engineering, Physical Sciences eahlberg@illinois.ed... 217-244-1073
Katie Walden Advancement Assistant kmblacke@illinois.ed... 217-333-3287
Steve Witmer News Bureau Director 217-333-1085
Diana Yates Life Sciences Editor Agriculture, Life Sciences 217-333-5802
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Debra Bolgla Art Professor 217-840-9494
Stephanie Smith F&S Printing Dept s-smith5@illinois.ed... 217-333-9200