Colorado State University

Name and Address
Colorado State University
News office: Public Relations
301 Administration
Fort Collins CO 80523-7015
United States
Phone news office: 970-491-6432
Phone main: 970-491-1101
Fax news office: 970-491-6433

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Jeff Dodge Communications Coordinator 970-491-4251
Mary Guiden Communications Coordinator natural resources, veterinary medicine, biomedical sciences mary.guiden@colostat... 970-491-6892
Mike Hooker Executive Director, Public Relations mike.hooker@colostat... 970-491-1545
Kate Jeracki Communications Coordinator kate.jeracki@colosta... 970-491-2658
Mark Luebker Senior Content Developer and Editor 605-688-6592
Anne Manning Communications Coordinator anne.manning@colosta... 970-491-7099
Tony Phifer Communications Coordinator tony.phifer@colostat... 970-491-7712
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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Hidden Profiles

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Nancy Baca Administrative Asst. nancy.baca@colostate... 970-491-0643
Dell Rae Ciaravola Senior Public Relations Coordinator Crisis communication, media relations dellrae.ciaravola@co... 970-491-6009
Jennifer Dimas Senior Communications Coordinator jennifer.dimas@colos... 970-491-1543
Jennifer Lobermeier Billing Contact jennifer.lobermeier@... 970-491-6621
Nikolaus Olsen Media Relations Specialist Nik.Olsen@colostate.... 970-491-7766
Kimberly Stern Director of Social Media Kimberly.Stern@colos... 970-491-0757