Alicia Oullette


Albany Law School's President and Dean Alicia Ouellette is available to speak about vaccine mandates along with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) violations and questions.

She was recently featured in the Albany Times Union piece: "What is HIPAA? And why are so many people confused?"

She is available immediately and has experience working with video, audio, and print outlets.

As a scholar, Dean Ouellette focuses on health law, disability rights, family law, children’s rights, and human reproduction. Her book, BIOETHICS AND DISABILITY: TOWARD A DISABILITY CONSCIOUS BIOETHICS, was published in 2011 by Cambridge University Press.

She has authored numerous articles published in academic journals such as the American Journal of Law and Medicine, American Journal of Bioethics, Nevada Law Journal, Hastings Law Journal, Indiana Law Journal, and Oregon Law Review.

She has presented to distinguished audiences around the globe, including at the Yale School of Medicine and the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

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