For media covering the Clinton campaign event Thursday, Oct. 27 in Winston-Salem, N.C., Wake Forest University faculty experts on youth voting, N.C. battleground status and campaigns/debates are available to help round out coverage. Youth vote: Young adults haven't given up on politics. A multi-year study shows that college students who participate in public deliberation and learn to talk with those with differing viewpoints are more politically involved 10 years after graduation. Katy Harriger, an expert on youth voting, studies political participation among young people and is a co-author on the study. Harriger is the co-author of “Speaking of Politics: Preparing College Students for Democratic Citizenship through Deliberative Dialogue” and three other books. She teaches courses on American politics. Battleground North Carolina: History of ticket-splitting. Swing-state status is John Dinan’s expertise. The political science professor has offered insights into North Carolina’s political battleground on Fox News, C-SPAN, News & Observer and the Charlotte Observer to name a few. His expertise also covers North Carolina state law where he has offered insights into House Bill 2 and voter ID laws. The First Lady’s impact on the campaign trail. An expert on political campaigns, advertising and debates, communication professor Allan Louden can discuss the impact of Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama appearing together on the campaign trail following Obama’s recent speeches in response to Trump’s “locker room talk.” Louden has worked on political campaigns as a consultant and has provided expert commentary and analysis for USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, Newsweek and others. § Broadcast studio available: Wake Forest University’s Office of News and Communications operates a fully equipped, professional television studio to connect faculty members and campus newsmakers with global news media. § Looking for comment on other election-related topics? Visit Wake Forest’s Election 2016 faculty experts guide. § Looking for an example of how youth are engaging in politics? Check out Wake the Vote.