The midterm elections on Nov. 4 could alter control of the U.S. Senate and several state offices. Experts from the George Washington University are available to comment on several aspects of this year’s campaigns.

Christopher Arterton, professor of political management, is the director of the George Washington University Battleground Poll. He can comment on public opinion shaping the elections as well as the strategic environment surrounding American political leaders.

Lara Brown, director of the Political Management program, is an expert on national elections, presidential candidates, congressional incumbents and American political parties. She can comment on a wide range of national political issues including the ideological underpinnings of presidential rhetoric and political scandals. Click here to watch sample video of Dr. Brown discussing primary elections.

Matthew Dallek, assistant professor of political management, is an expert on political leadership, the presidency and political Washington. He can comment on modern American political history, campaigns and elections, the use of presidential power and the conservative movement.

David Karpf, assistant professor of media and public affairs, is an expert on political communications and online organizing. He can comment on online campaigning and organizing, “netroots” organizations and differences between the parties in terms of political technology.

Christopher Klemek, associate professor of history, is an expert on urban political trends. He teaches about Washington, D.C., history, culture and politics and can comment on D.C. mayoral and council races.

John Sides, associate professor of political science, is an expert on political behavior in American and comparative politics. He can comment on political campaigns, voting and public opinion. Dr. Sides is a contributor to the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog and wrote a book analyzing the 2012 presidential election.

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