As consequences of the Jan. 6 protests and violence at the U.S. Capitol continue to be revealed, California State University, Fullerton faculty members can offer expert analysis and comments on the presidency, the history of fascism, group conflict, race relations and protests, as well as censorship and social media’s influence on politics and activism.

Scott Spitzer is an expert on the presidency, racial politics, the conservative movement and politics since Nixon, and social welfare policy and politics. He is an associate professor of political science and also teaches a course on the Arab Israeli conflict.

Siobhan Brooks is an expert on race relations. She is an associate professor of African American Studies and author of books including the recently published “Everyday Violence Against Black and Latinx LGBT Communities.”

Dana Cloud is an expert on the history of fascism. She is a lecturer in human communications at Cal State Fullerton.

Ella Ben Hagai specializes in intergroup conflict and reconciliation, and can speak to post-election hurt and healing. She is an assistant professor of psychology.

Jason Shepard, professor of communications and department chair, teaches courses in communications law and is an expert on social media’s influence on political issues,  First Amendment law, censorship and media rights.