The clash between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate with no end in sight. George Washington University has experts available to discuss various aspects of the conflict, including the role of the United States.

Henry Hale is a professor of political science and international affairs. His research focuses on the domestic politics of post-Soviet countries, including Russia and Ukraine. He can discuss Russia's unique political dynamics and how they play into the country's relationship with Ukraine and the U.S.

Robert Orttung, a research professor of international affairs, is an expert on comparative politics. He can discuss Russian politics, Russian-Ukrainian relations and all issues related to urban politics in Eurasia. 

Marlene Laruelle is director of the GW Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies. She is an expert on the rise of populist and illiberal movements in post-Soviet Eurasia and can discuss Russia's ideological landscape and its relations abroad.

David Szakonyi, an assistant professor of political science, is an expert on Russian politics, corruption, authoritarianism and money in politics, both in Russia and the U.S. His recent book “Politics for Profit: Business, Elections, and Policymaking in Russia” examines why business people run for elected political office worldwide.

Yonatan Lupu, an associate professor of political science, is an expert on international conflict. He can discuss human rights issues, the conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine and the relationship between civil and international conflict.