DURHAM, N.H. – James Ramsay, a professor of Security Studies at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester is available to discuss possible domestic security issues as they relate to the military air strike that President Trump launched at a Syrian airbase early Friday.

Ramsay is widely recognized as one of the nation’s foremost authorities on homeland security education, with expertise in a wide range of health, emergency management planning and evaluation issues, as well as occupational safety and environmental health. His research areas of interest focus on the relationship between environmental and human security, resilience, and national security strategic planning, as well as the design and economic evaluation of health, safety, and prevention programs.

“At this early stage, the domestic security consequences of the recent air strikes against the Syrian regime are not really known,” says Ramsay. “The air strikes signal a change in US policy toward Syria and shift in efforts working with our allies. From a domestic security perspective, we can be sure that homeland security officials are consulting with national security officials about potential Syrian operatives and sympathizers that may retaliate against the recent U.S. air strikes in Syria. During similar events in the past, the FBI as well as other Federal agencies have stepped up surveillance of activities and groups known to be sympathetic to ISIS and or the Syrian regime/Assad government.”

Ramsay can be reached at (386) 405-5260 or [email protected].