TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew today will face tough questions about the app's national security concerns during his testimony before Congress. Instead of banning TikTok, it’s time for U.S. lawmakers to improve data privacy policies, says Johns Hopkins University cybersecurity expert Anton Dahbura, who’s available to comment on the app’s security concerns.

“Congress needs to accelerate its efforts to develop sensible data privacy policies that achieve a balance between user protections and functionality to give Tiktok users the advantages they’re accustomed to, such as sharing user-generated content, and for businesses, marketing products and services.” said Dahbura. “The solution will be a combination of regulations that are similar to HIPPA laws in that confidentiality will be expected, and technology under development that can give users the best of both worlds: privacy and functionality.”

Dahbura is the executive director of the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute and co-director of the Johns Hopkins Institute of Assured Autonomy.