Obama’s balancing act - reduce U.S. footprint while holding world order

Newswise — President Obama has embarked in a weeklong trip to Saudi Arabia, England and Germany where he will discuss a broad range of political and economic issues with leaders in the Gulf states and Europe. Barry Strauss, a professor of history at Cornell University, says the trip is a balancing act for Obama.


Strauss says:

“In his trip to Saudi Arabia, Britain and Germany, President Obama is engaged in a balancing act. On the one hand, he will stick to the reduction of America’s footprint around the world that has been the hallmark of his foreign policy. In fact, he has called for U.S. allies, including Britain and Saudi Arabia, to up their contributions to defense.

“On the other hand, he has to hold the American-supported world order together amidst a rising Iran and Russia, and a Europe struggling with unity and immigration. Meanwhile, his interlocutors will be thinking about his successor and wondering about the future direction of U.S. policy. So the trip is not an easy assignment.”

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