Trump, Netanyahu: Two leaders on shaky domestic groundBarry Strauss, professor of history at Cornell University and author of the several books about military strategy and leadership, says that Trump and Netanyahu – scheduled to meet at the White House on Wednesday – are both facing serious international challenges while on shaky domestic ground and the interplay between them is likely to be as complex as it will be intriguing.


Strauss says:

"Serious international challenges face Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump – and so do a host of domestic political problems. When the two of them hold their first meeting as heads of government in Washington this week they will be negotiating on more than one front.

“While the U.S. is the stronger power, Netanyahu is the more experienced government leader. Yet he faces political and potentially legal problems that balance the shaky start as president that Trump has experienced. The two leaders need to find common ground on such pressing questions as Iran, Palestine, Russia and Syria. But each man also needs to stake out his nation's position.

“The interplay between the two men is likely to be as complex as it will be intriguing."

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