Lourdes Casanova, academic director of the Emerging Markets Institute at Cornell University, says that Trump’s campaign has alienated Latino voters within the U.S., and sent shocks to the economies of countries like Mexico.

Casanova is available for interviews in Spanish.

Bio: https://www.johnson.cornell.edu/Faculty-And-Research/Profile/id/lc683

Casanova says:

“Across the border, Donald Trump’s influence has been felt. Every time the polls showed Donald Trump getting closer to Hillary Clinton, the Mexican peso has lost value reaching a record low at almost 20 pesos to the dollar.

“Within the country, Donald Trump’s pledge to deport immigrants and build a wall on the Mexican border has unified the Latino vote: the majority is against him.

“In Florida, a key state, the Latino vote will represent about 20 percent of the total. Since the 1980s Latinos in Florida have voted for the Democratic Party. Even in Miami, political sides among Cubans have also changed in favor of the Democratic Party. While those older than 60 remain Republican and will certainly vote for Trump, the younger generation favors Obama’s steps to end of the embargo against Cuba, and most of them will vote for the Democratic Party.

“As for Puerto Ricans, the island’s economic crisis pushed many to immigrate to the U.S. and many moved to Florida. Their vote will also influence the results of the state.”

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