Threats of violence aimed at Jewish centers continue in cities nationwide, triggering evacuations and widespread safety concerns.

Jonathan Boyarin, director of Jewish Studies and professor in the departments of Anthropology and Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University, says threats like the one made at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn today are coming in an America that is less safe for diverse populations than it has been in decades.

Bio: Boyarin says:

“The wave of threatened violence against Jewish institutions is massive, sudden, and new. We can't say much about what motivates these threats until we know more about who's making them. We do know that they are coming in an America that is less safe for our country's diverse population than it has been in decades – and part of that loss of safety seems to entail a license for anti-Semitic acts.

“The Trump administration claims that it aims to protect all Americans from terror. Yet it looks like the administration is focused only on those it deems potential perpetrators of terror – ignoring others – and does not seem to be worried about many of the likely victims of such terror. That doesn't bode well for the American promise of ‘liberty and justice for all’." Cornell University has television, ISDN and dedicated Skype/Google+ Hangout studios available for media interviews.

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