EXPERT ALERT: Wellesley College experts are available to comment on several issues expected to be tackled in President Barack Obama's State of the Union address.

Making College Accessible and Affordable for More Americans

This January, Wellesley College answered President Obama’s call to expand higher education opportunities for more Americans, with a focus on low-income students. Wellesley College leaders are available to speak on the College’s long-standing commitment to access and affordability, as well as on Wellesley’s new plans to expand access, which are are included in the White House report, Commitments to Action on College Opportunity.

Income Inequality

Phillip B. Levine--Economist focused on analysis of social policies--Developed innovative, new college cost calculator to help students and families quickly understand their actual college costs--Coauthored recent studies on income inequality and teen birth rates in the United States--Levine was an economic advisor to the Clinton administration on education, welfare, and labor markets.

Affordable Care ActCharlene Galarneau--Women’s & Gender Studies professor with expertise on the Affordable Care Act and exemption of health care sharing ministries--Research addresses the ethics of health and health care

Hahrie Han--Political Scientist with expertise in political activism, health and environmental politics, polarization, and elections--Han worked with a South Carolina community to improve the area's health outcomes—some of the worst in the U.S.--BLOG: Han on Supreme Court ACA ruling--VIDEO: Han on “Organizing for Social Change in Health”

President Barack Obama

Michael Jeffries--American Studies professor and sociologist with emphasis on race, gender, politics, identity, and popular culture--Author of Paint the White House Black: Barack Obama and the Meaning of Race in America--OPINION: Jeffries on “Teaching the President: Assessing the Value of ‘Obama Studies’”--AUDIO: Jeffries on “Michelle Obama and Race in America”

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