Erik Herron, the West Virginia University Eberly Family Professor of Political Science, is available to speak about the latest developments in Ukraine.

Herron's research focuses on political institutions, especially electoral systems. He has traveled extensively to conduct research in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, including a term as a Fulbright Scholar in Ukraine.


“Russia began its invasion of Ukraine in 2014 through its improper annexation of Crimea and direct support of separatism in the Donbas region. Russia’s escalation of the invasion over the last few days and weeks is not only a direct threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty, but to peace and stability in Europe and the world.”

“While Ukraine may seem far away to West Virginians and other Americans, Russia’s aggression is dangerous for all of us. President Vladimir Putin and his government think of the West – and the United States – as adversaries. They work to undermine American interests all over the world, threatening our allies and our national security, our economic well-being, and the safety of our friends and family who serve in the military.”