Randall M. Miller, Ph.D. is the William Dirk Warren `50 Sesquicentennial Chair and professor of history at Saint Joseph’s University. He is the author or editor of more than 25 books on subjects as varied as the American Revolution, the Civil War and Reconstruction, slavery and race, immigration and ethnicity, civil rights, regional identities (especially the Mid-Atlantic and the American South), and politics, to name several. He is currently working on a book on immigrants in the American South. Among his books are the acclaimed “Dear Master”: Letters of a Slave Family and (with Paul Cimbala) The Northern Home Front during the Civil War.

Dr. Miller also has been an “activist-historian,” arguing that history can be an instrument of social understanding and change. He was a principal advocate for a new interpretation of “freedom” and “unfreedom” at Independence National Historical Park, where his efforts helped to lead to a memorial commemorating the lives of the nine slaves who served at President George Washington’s house at Sixth and Market Streets in Philadelphia. 

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